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Friday, March 20






Saturday, March 21


Graphic Reform, Comic Subversion: Comics and Social Values in Postwar America Gates of Prayer Israel Zangwill's The Melting Pot: The Play that Tried to Change History Gates of Prayer Conflict Resolution?? Gates of Prayer Creating an Ethics Code for Your Congregation Gates of Prayer Dating in the 2000's- a conversation with Alice and Lonnie ?? Gates of Prayer Inherited Trauma??? Uptown JCC The Hidden Benefits of Cheap Labor: How jobs for teens at Jewish summer camps foster personal growth. Gates of Prayer The World I Want For My Kid(s) Jewish Objects Hiding in Plain Sight: Challah Gates of Prayer Josh & Davida Kids Session - WORMS or PLANTS! Pesach in Poetry Gates of Prayer The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Response to the Shoah How to talk to Your Neighbor: Building Bridges Across the Israel/Palestine Political Divide Israel is Real Instant A Cappella! Immigration?? Gates of Prayer Intersections of Justice Rebecca Livengood1 Gates of Prayer Angels and Demons Gates of Prayer Bruriah, Golda and Me: Making Sense of Feminism, Orthodoxy, and Power in 2020 Gates of Prayer Infertility: Ancient Curse, Modern Blessings Gates of Prayer Jewish Funeral Practices Gates of Prayer Papa Don't Preach: Father-Daughter Relationship Fails in the Hebrew Bible Rabbi Bauman Session Gates of Prayer SAGE-ing with Janice Rubin Gates of Prayer The Power of Memory: How Telling the Story of the Haggadah Shapes Jewish Power Gates of Prayer This Month is For You: Human Initiative In Setting the Calendar Bikur Cholim and Nichum Aveilim: How to Visit the Sick and Comfort the Mourner Gates of Prayer The Power of the Circle





Sunday, March 22


Alerntaive Radical Shabbats / Liturgy Talk ?? Uptown JCC Eli's Story with Illustrative Slides Uptown JCC Hollywood through the Lens of Three Female Austrian-Jewish Exile Scriptwriters Uptown JCC The Fish that Ate the Whale A Torah Case for Reparations Uptown JCC Are You Possibly A Reconstructionist? Uptown JCC Building an Animated Jewish Future: A Case Study from Four Rabbis' Trip to Paradise Death, Mourning, and Processing: A Conversation Uptown JCC Duty to Live or Right to Die? The Ethics of Medical Aid in Dying Uptown JCC Jewish Perspectives on Organ Transplantation Joy Comes in the Mourning Uptown JCC Philip Roth 101: Jews, Sex and America Uptown JCC The Sky Has Not Fallen - When Our Children Marry Someone of a Different Faith Uptown JCC PIZZA D FOR DELICIOUS Uptown JCC Holy Ink and Climate Change: Learn how to make iron oak gall ink used to calligraph the Torah and how this relates to sustainability in Southern Louisiana today Uptown JCC Jewish Graphic Narrative: Conflict, Hybridity, Connectivity Uptown JCC Matzah Cover Art For Passover Miriam's Cup Hagaddah Addition Uptown JCC How Do Children Survive?: Maurice Sendak's Holocaust "Memory" and Fantasy Uptown JCC Mah Jongg with Renee Zack Uptown JCC Mikvah: A Magical Gift Uptown JCC Reviving Discourses of Refugee Crises through Translation From the “St. Louis” Incident to Present Day Uptown JCC From Biblical Apocalypse to US Foreign Policy in Jerusalem Uptown JCC A Brief History of Contemporary Jewish A Cappella A Rediscovery of the Life and Music of the Great Song-Writer Harold Rome: Broadway's "Noel Coward with a Social Conscience" Uptown JCC Is Paul Dead? Uptown JCC Meshuganah Mambo 2.0 Uptown JCC Niggunim: Together in Melody New Voices in Civil Rights: Treating Drug Addiction as a Disability and Empowering the Formerly Incarcerated Uptown JCC Non Violence Uptown JCC Rebecca Livengood2 Uptown JCC Reinstein 3 Uptown JCC A Story of Jewish Experience in Mississippi Uptown JCC Secular Yiddishkayt in the American South Uptown JCC Southern Jewish History on One Foot Uptown JCC Boss Status: How taking charge of the younger kids at camp and at school gets you ready for your future. Uptown JCC Teen Mental Health Session Uptown JCC Because the Rabbi Said So: Exploring Power and Authority in the Rabbinate Uptown JCC Beyond the Music — Chanting the Torah Uptown JCC Walking Breathing Meditation Uptown JCC Yoga For The Jewish Spirit Uptown JCC